• Matt Benacquista

Gov. Murphy issues "Stay-at-Home" order!

It's official, as of 9pm tonight, all 9,000,000 New Jersey residents are ordered to "stay at home to help flatten the curve." Governor Phil Murphy has taken the initiative to beat this deadly virus into his own hands. He admits that the way things have been going are not good enough to help defeat this pandemic.

“We must flatten the curve and ensure residents are practicing social distancing," New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said in announcing the new restrictions. But, he added, “Even with this order in effect … life in New Jersey does not have to come to a complete standstill. We're at war.

Starting at 9 p.m. Saturday, New Jersey residents must stay home and all nonessential businesses have to close indefinitely. All gatherings including weddings, in-person services and parties, are canceled until further notice, Murphy said.

Businesses considered essential that can remain open include grocery stores and pharmacies, gas stations, banks and other financial institutions and laundromats.

Employees who must report to work are encouraged to get a letter from their job indicating that they work in an "industry permitted to continue operations," according to the state's newly launched coronavirus website.

New Jersey had 1,327 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Saturday with 442 new positive test results since Friday. The state has had 16 deaths.

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