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Hello and welcome to Connect’Ink™


     Over the past 20 years, the tattoo industry has seen some significant changes and continues to evolve everyday. We at Connect’Ink™ have been paying close attention and have come up with a few ideas that we believe will revolutionize and simplify the tattoo experience for tattoo shops and artists, as well as their consumers. 


      Connect’Ink™ is platform technology designed to streamline the entire tattoo experience from start to finish, making it easier for the user to access shops and artists while allowing those shops and artists to abundantly grow their business in the process. GPS technology will afford users the opportunity to search for artists and shops by artists specialties and/or shops in their immediate vicinity. Online “availability” of artists, as well as online booking, allows a transparency that makes planning the tattoo session easier and more convenient for both users and artists. In-app video consultations and in-person walk-in consultations (because time is money for everyone involved in the process) will now be a pay service that gives the user more incentive to book a session, and helps the tattoo shops and artists greatly increase revenue for their businesses. **Each artist will be allowed to set their own individual fees for these services (Video chat, Walk-In Consult, as well as Tattoo Deposit).


      As the tattoo industry becomes more tech savvy and society grows busier and less available, there is a need for an easier, more effective way to navigate through the tattoo process. Connect’Ink™ has compiled years of research and innovative design that allows everyone involved in the tattoo journey to have a more enjoyable and productive tattoo experience.  


Connect’Ink™ is the one stop shop for all things tattoo.


With much thanks and regards,


Matt Benacquista





Hustler (CEO)
Matt Benacquista

25+ years in and around the tattoo industry and community

Manager (COO)
Sean Vogel

10+ years in the Tech Industry, and a super cool dude as well!

Slayer (DBD)
Ben Mead

15+ years in Domestic and Internation Business Dev

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